Biology is the natural science that involves the study of life and living organisms, including their physical and chemical structure, function, development and evolution. Department of Biology established in 1947. The department offers Botany and Zoology subjects at UG level. It has been played sculptor role to make carrier of many students in the areas of Biological Sciences, who are now glittering with radiance in many well known Indian and foreign institutes.

The department has eminent, highly qualified, experienced, dedicated and hard working faculty members. It is actively engaged in teaching as well as research Programme.

The department is always actively involved in academic and co-curricular and extra curricular activities. To enhance Environmental education among the college students department started ‘ Saras ‘ nature club.

The department has well equipped laboratorary, Botanical garden and Museum for students.


Valuable collection of herbaria at the Biology Department is a gold mine of plant specimen: a collection dating back to more than 63 years. A rich and diverse collection of 2862 species belonging to 1220 genera of 155 families attracts many biologists looking for specific variety. The collection reflects the dedicated efforts made by the renowned plant taxonomists like..

Botanical Gardens

The green treasure mine of the college is more than 450 species stretched within the Botanical Garden in the campus. The ornamental trees conserved here in are Saracaasoka (Ashok), Murrayapaniculata (Kamini), Swieteniamahoginy (Mahogani), Bauhinia purpurea(Kanchnar), Cassia fistula (Garmalo), Caryotaurens(Shiv Jata), Delonixregia (GulMahor), Peltoforumroxburghii(Peltoforum) etc. Some of the rare and valuable species like Adansoniadigitata (Rukhdo), Melaleucaleucadendron, Crescentiaalata(Tumbadi), Haplophragramaadenophylum (Pali), Sterculiaurens (Kadayo), Ehretialaevis (VadhVareli), and Jacaranda mimosifolia, Anona glabra (Hanuman Fal), Acacia catechu (Kher),Boswellia Serrata, Crataeva religiosa(Varun),Kydia calycina(Pula),Soymida febrifuga( Rohin),Tecomella undulata (Ragat rohido), Oroxylum indicum ( Tetu)Stereospermum sueveolens( Patala)in the campus. Two plants BhojpatraandRukhdo are declared as the heritage tree by the Forest department.

Nature Club

Established by the staff and students of the Biology Dept. to inculcate love for mother Nature among the students. The organization strives for promoting programs for general awareness in the community to conserve Nature. The club has so far organized program for plantation, maintenance of the existing natural ambience within the campus, tree walks and expedition tours of educational importance.


The Biology Department with the richest collection of rare biology specimens. These specimens are very well conserved inside the museum.The range of collection covers the span of Invertebrates (250), Vertebrates (300), botany (310), minor Phyla and other rare specimens. A well conserved assortment of skeletons (40) from Fish to Men; the mandibles, ribs and vertebra of animals; Saw Snout (rostrum) of Pristis (Saw-fish) and skull of elephant, tiger are the pride possession of the museum.

Courses Offered

SEM 1 & 2



SEM 3 &4




  • Year of establishment : 1947
  • Number of teachers sanctioned and present position : Sanctioned 4, Present Position 1
  • Number of technical staff : 1
  • Number of Teachers : Teachers 04
  • Number of Lab. : 3
  • Instrument room: 1
  • Number of journals / periodicals : 2
  • Number of computers : 2
  • Staff room : 2

Faculty Department

Dr. Alpesh M. Patel

Designation Qualification Specification Date of Joining
 Principal M.Sc Ph.D  Biology  08/01/1992

Sureshbhai B. Patel

Designation Qualification Specification Date of Joining
 Asso.Prof. M.Sc M.Phil  Biology   25/08/1992

Shri. Fulsangbhai J. Thakor

Designation Qualification Specification Date of Joining
 Asso.Prof. M.Sc M.Phil  Biology  08/01/1992 

Dr. Rameshbhai P. Dabhi

Designation Qualification Specification Date of Joining
 Asso.Prof. M.Sc Ph.D  Biology  08/01/1992

Amrutbhai B. Parmar

Designation Qualification Specification Date of Joining
Asso.Prof.  M.Sc Ph.D  Biology 08/01/1992 

Vipul B. Lakhmani

Designation Qualification Specification Date of Joining
Lab Ass.   B.Sc  Biology  

Hemantbhai M. Patel

Designation Qualification Specification Date of Joining
Plant Collector  H.S.C  Biology   

Amrishbhai K. Kansara

Designation Qualification Specification Date of Joining
Lab Hamal 9 pass   Biology  


    Natural Club

  • Semiars, assignments
  • Group discussion, Excursions.
  • Subject expert’s lectures
  • Organization of tours and nature club

Achievements / Research